In the ever-evolving landscape of web3, having a reliable source of guidance can be the key to unlocking our full potential.

Orangie - Web3 Gaming Advisor

Orangie is a web3 esports creator with current focus on Yuga Labs games. He will be advising us on Otherside development to ensure we get the most out of our 1% position.

You can check him out on Twitch.

X - Orangie

Meowgress | Marika - PFP Advisor & Artist

Meowgress will be advising us on the JRNY CLUB PFP art throughout development and working on future JRNY CLUB art. She will also be featured as an artist in the JRNY Collective later this year!

X - Meowgress | Marika


Formerly, Kevinn was the Global Project Manager for JRNY CLUB. Kevinn will be advising us on the development of Trade Hero and other Web3 projects. He will also continue to provide guidance for best practices at the JRNY Gallery.

X - mre3345

Alex McCurry - Development Advisor

Alex will be advising us on the JRNY CLUB PFP launch, new off-chain currency, future project development, and Metaverse development. He is the Founder and CEO of and has worked with top brands in Web3 like Horizen Labs, ApeCoin, Certik, and more!

X - Alex McCurry

Levent Aydan - Development Advisor

Levent will be advising us on JRNY CLUB development, and our future metaverse plans. He is the Founder and CEO of Seedify and Seedworld and has helped dozens of Crypto and NFT projects launch and is leading the way in Web3 gaming and metaverse.

X - meta_alchemist

Waabam - Advisor

Waabam will be advising us in the JRNY CLUB Metaverse plans, development and other future plans. He is currently on the ApeCoin DAO Special Council, as well as the Yuga Labs Gaming Council.

X - Waabam_eth

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