Membership Platform

The Membership Platform is a token-gated hub for exclusive JRNY Club content. To access, you must own a JRNY Club Pass, making all content exclusive to JRNY Club members. The following are the types of content you can find within the platform.

  • NFT Guides - One of the most significant drawbacks to NFT and Blockchain technology is the technical barrier separating and scaring new users from the space. With NFT Guides, you will be constantly educated on the latest and most useful Web3 platforms, dapps, and experiences, allowing you always to remain ahead of the herd.

  • Daily Market Updates - NFTs and Web3 move incredibly fast and can sometimes be hard to keep up with. This is where we come in. Every day, you will have access to daily reports and updates on NFT and Web3 news, events, etc., constantly updating you on what's happening within the space.

  • Project Reviews - With newly launched and trending projects popping up daily, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with what's hot and what's not. However, through the Membership platform, you can access in-depth project reviews covering everything you'd need to know about a project, saving you time, energy, and headaches.

  • Exclusive NFT Videos - The Membership Platform is the sole location for exclusive NFT videos made by JRNY Crypto. Any and all NFT-related content will be reserved for club members, entirely separate from traditional outlets such as YouTube or Twitter.

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