The Team

The following is a list of team members at JRNY Club. This section is living, and will likely change over time as new personnel are added to the team.

Tony - CEO & Founder

Tony started as a Crypto YouTuber back in 2017. He's since amassed a substantial social media following across multiple platforms and built an unprecedented NFT portfolio. In 2021, he ventured into NFTs and launched JRNY Club with the goal to create a community of NFT enthusiasts to help guide each other along the journey.

X - JRNYcrypto

YouTube - JRNY Crypto


He has over 15 years of corporate experience and has successfully managed large teams and departments.

X - AwwwwwwwwSnap

Alex - Research Manager

Alex is a writer/researcher for JRNY Club and produces daily updates on the NFT space. He also is the project manager of the Ignis Orbis platform and the liaison between JRNY Club and HYVE. In addition, he will be working at the Physical NFT Art Gallery in Las Vegas when it opens. Outside of work, Alex enjoys eating food, playing video games, and working out.

X - ChipsWithTh3Dip

Chris - Creative Director

Chris serves as the Creative Director for JRNY, Inc. He previously served as the Narrative Designer for JRNY Club's creative brands, notably including Planet XOLO.

X - Chris_talley_2

Other team members

  • Rick - Accounting and Legal

  • Joanna - Product Research

  • Conie - Assistant and Community Moderator

Club Moderators

  • BizzLe


  • Drop Gorn

  • Kairi

  • lordtripod.eth

  • Sham

We are currently putting together an advisory board and outsource development of JRNY Club products to multiple companies.

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