Stardust Store

The Stardust Store is a marketplace built around the JRNY ecosystem, allowing anyone to earn Stardust and purchase digital and/or physical goods 100% in Stardust.

What is Stardust?

Stardust is the JRNY Club Discord server-based currency. NO purchase necessary to earn Stardust; you just need to join the server. The more roles you get, the more daily Stardust you can collect. *Stardust is strictly a Discord-based currency and cannot be traded on the open market.

What is Stardust used for?

You can exchange Stardust for items from the Stardust Store, such as NFTs from the community wallet, blue chip NFT raffles, whitelist spots for upcoming projects, JRNY Club merch (coming soon), various physical items, and more. Join the JRNY Discord now and start collecting!

There are multiple ways to earn Stardust:

  • Role Income - income increase based on the number of JRNY passes or Villagers that you own

  • Club Games

  • Community Events

  • Battle for XOLO Game

  • JRNY Rewards Bonuses

  • Side Quests

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