- NFT Tools is our NFT analytics tool that provides comprehensive tools to analyze, understand, and track the ever-evolving NFT landscape. With robust data-driven insights, explore market trends, spot distinctive collections, and make informed decisions.

  • Track Market Trends - stay informed with real-time market analytics. Understand current trends to strategize your acquisitions.

  • Historical Data Analysis - leverage past data for future success. Analyze historiccal trends to empower your strategy.

  • Alerts and Notifications - stay updated with custom alerts! Get real-time notifications on price changes, new collections, and more!

Unlock premium NFT insights with's membership. Gain access to advanced analytics, personalized portfolio tracking, and real-time market data. Boost your NFT game by becoming a member today.

Current access is reserved exclusively for JRNY Club Pass holders. After goes public, JRNY Club Pass holders will retain their full and unlimited access, 100% free. With the public launch, non-members will have an opportunity to join under a subscription-based service model.

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