Projects in Development

Here is a short list of projects we are working on releasing within the coming months. More information will be provided as these projects progress.

  • JRNY Club Pass PFP: PFPs are integral to the Web3 space and are treated as your digital identity. For that reason, and many more, this is one of our upcoming projects we are most excited about. Every pass will have a PFP attached, acting as your ticket into the Metaverse side of the JRNY ecosystem. This includes, but is not limited to, the Otherside, Sandbox, or any other prominent metaverse that comes out along the way.

  • Stardust Store 2.0 - Soon you'll be able to earn your Stardust passively via our all-new Store by staking your JRNY Club NFT(s).

  • JRNY Store - More info coming soon

  • JRNY Apps - More info coming soon

  • Cardano NFT Set - More info coming soon

  • Metaverse Development - More info coming soon

  • Planet XOLO Comic Books and short videos - More info coming soon

  • Integration into other games and partnerships

  • More items to come!

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