Villagers of XOLO

Villagers of XOLO is a generative collection of up to 20,000 "Villagers" based in the Planet XOLO Universe and is the first set of the JRNY Club ecosystem. Planet XOLO represents the gaming sector of the JRNY brand, elevated through our upcoming battle game, Battle for XOLO.
Planet XOLO will have its own ecosystem, separate from the JRNY Club ecosystem. However, it is all under the same umbrella: JRNY Club.
You can still mint new Villagers with the XOLO Keys, which can be burned in exchange for a random Villager. When burning a key, you also have the chance to mint a XOLO ape, rabid, Xolian or 1 of 1 NFT.

Lore Summary

In the year 2069, Earth has become desolate and uninhabitable, forcing what remains of humanity to venture out into the cosmos to find a new home. Upon crash landing on Planet XOLO, the crew of the E.S.C. JOURNEY is forced to prepare themselves for the worst. Follow the tales and adventures of the remaining crew as they overcome the obstacles of this hostile and unknown planet.
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